Observation tower

Observation tower


Physical and spiritual activity

This Tower, which has been dedicated to St Anthony of Padua, wishes to be a tribute to this passionate and tireless preacher of the Gospel who, ceaselessly in his preaching and his testimony of life, recalled the importance of drawing from the Word of life, that of Christ, for, He said, “From the text of Holy Scripture flows sacred science, the only true science that makes true scientists, the only science that teaches us to love God and to love our neighbour”.

This Tower is surrounded by four pillars, firmly anchored on the rock. These pillars symbolize the four evangelists; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. To reach the top of the tower you must, inside, climb the steps separated into eight steps.

As was the case for Saint Anthony, to accompany you on this ascent, with your eyes fixed on the summit you want to reach, throughout your ascent, you will find at each level a sure guide, comforting words. You will read excerpts from one of the most beautiful texts taken from the Gospel of St Matthew, the «Sermon on the Mount». Also, thoughts of Saint Anthony will feed your reflection and meditation.

Video taken from the tower